Which Type of Entrepreneur are You?

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Self examination is a great exercise that needs to be practiced from time to time.  Especially for Entrepreneurs!  Check out a few of the different traits and profiles of great entrepreneurs below.

Sooooooo……which type of entrepreneur are you?  Drop a comment and let us know!

What Kind of Entrepreneur are You?

Heart Dominant Entrepreneur

These individuals bring purpose and passion to the business world.  Founders, iconoclasts, and visionaries.  Their inspiration could be hard core technology, burgers, biotech or a new take on social networking – it doesn’t matter.  They are consumed by passion to turn their purpose into reality.  Example:  Chef Alice Waters, owner of Chez Panisse

Smarts Dominant Entrepreneur

This person comes handy as a rational, fact-driven force who begins steering the business by delegating and setting goals, forging a system of accountability, articulating strategy and emphasizing top- notch performance.  Example: Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon

Guts Dominant Entrepreneur

Guts dominant people are all about starting ad sustaining action.  There are three types of gut dominant personalities:

1) the Guts to Initiate

2) the Guts to Endure

3) the Guts to Evolve

Without Guts dominant people we may still be living in the hovels and catching fish with pointy sticks.

Luck Dominant Entrepreneur

Luck- oriented people maintain an attitude based on humility conjoined with two other factors- intellectual curiosity and optimism.  This three-part formulation helps beget a Lucky Network

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