With Construction Finance, your subs can now keep suppliers paid while waiting on Owner payments, even on “Paid When Paid” contracts.  Knowing that underlying materialmen and vendors are paid eliminates the risk of liens on your Owner’s projects. The question of “Why are my subs using Construction Finance?” quickly evolves to “Why don’t all of my subs use Construction Finance?”.  

We welcome your referrals of any subcontractors that may need support in the following:
  • Pay suppliers before they receive your payment
  • Provide unconditional lien waivers as suppliers are paid
  • Ensure rental companies remain paid
  • Cash flow projects while banks, owners, architects, engineers and your firm approve payments
  • Back office bookkeeping and job costing

Check out some Frequently Asked Questions from our Client’s Customers and General Contractors:

No, your contract still has the same legal rights with the subcontractor.

No, we only pay suppliers based on invoice amounts for work already completed.

No, it is still the subcontractor’s duty to complete all requirements of the contract.

No, we pay suppliers and subs for a small discount of the invoice amount.

No, Construction Finance will not purchase invoices that could potentially involve unpaid suppliers. On the contrary, Construction Finance helps ensure our clients keep all underlying suppliers paid to prevent unwanted liens or bond claims.

The Remit To address for your payments to your Subcontractor.