We understand that “Paid When Paid” contracting can sometimes cause supply bills to be “paid tomorrow”.

Have customers that seem to go into the dreaded 60-90 day aging period? With Paid When Paid Contracts, their hands are often tied.

Refer them to us. We guarantee you will be paid on every funding.
When subcontractors utilize our Construction Manager program, we guarantee a lien free project with suppliers being paid first.

Please consider Construction Finance and our Construction Manager program for any of your accounts that are nearing COD.

Our goal is to keep all projects lien free by ensuring prompt payments to suppliers.

Please call us today to learn how Construction Finance can help your customers get their accounts current.

Supplier FAQs:

Construction Finance provides funding on open invoices and pay apps for subcontractors, so that they don’t have to wait as long to get paid by their general contractor.  This money can then be used to pay suppliers and laborers, as well as to generally improve cash flow.

No. Your invoices to the customer will remain exactly the same.

No. Your relationship with your original customer remains exactly the same.

Construction Finance may periodically request balance statements and lien waivers on behalf of your customer.  This is so that we can make sure there will be enough money to pay for the materials used on the jobs we’re funding.

Unfortunately, Construction Finance only pays for materials on pay apps or invoices that we are funding.  For any other materials, you will have to seek payment directly from your customer.

When Construction Finance provides funding on an invoice or payment application, we ensure from the outset that the needed funds are available for paying suppliers.  We also ensure that the supplier is paid on or before payment is due, rather than making you wait until payment is received from the general contractor.