Video Killed The…Blog Star?

July 18, 2019 Uncategorized 0 Comments

Alrighty, confession time: I really hate video as a medium.

To me, reading just feels so much more efficient. When something is written out on paper, I can skim over the parts that aren’t pertinent and re-read the two important sentences as many times as I need to. It’s great. I love it.

But, apparently not everybody agrees with me on this assessment.

My own husband, a man who I committed to sharing four bedrooms, a bank account, and the rest of my life with, is a video guy.* Because of this, I have now spent countless hours watching videos on things like how to change out a Brita filter or assemble Ikea furniture.

It’s horrible. It’s cruel. But apparently for him, it works.

As such, I decided that it was high time I throw a bone to those of you out there who share in his unfortunate love for video.




This is going to be a recurring series, so if any of video people out there have a topic you’d love for us to tackle, just let me know!


*Trust me, it’s a good thing this detail didn’t come out on the first date.  I can overlook many things, but no way I would have voluntarily signed on for a lifetime of cat videos and housewives explaining how they get rid of shower gunk.

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