Tacky Christmas

December 19, 2018 Uncategorized 1 Comment

As those of you who spend much time talking to me have probably already come to realize, I kind of like Christmas.

Actually, I really like Christmas.

Fittingly enough, I did my best to force everybody else in the office into sharing my Christmas cheer.

The results were…mixed.

It turns out, accountants and underwriters are exactly as jolly this time of year as they are every other day of the week.

Le sigh…

The good news, however, is that I did manage to force John and Rachael into joining my dorkiness…because they are the greatest!

Is this a financial services company, or is this GQ?  It’s just so hard to tell…

Personally, from my end, it was pretty tough to decide whether to go into commercial finance or settle for being a supermodel.  I like to think I made the right decision.

(Side note: Please ignore the colorful mess!  When it comes to Tacky Christmas, I come prepared with enough tackiness for all of Arkansas.)  

Sadly, these are all of the pictures that we have, because people had to go back to doing actual work stuff, but I’m still considering this a win in the ‘holiday cheer’ department.

Now if anybody needs me, I’ll singing along to ‘Santa Baby’ as I go over expense reports.

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