National Work Like a Dog Day

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construction finance work like a dog
Impressive work ethic right there…


As has already been established (Useless Facts, More Useless Facts) I can really appreciate a useless fact.

In that spirit, I would just like to announce that today is, in fact, National Work Like a Dog Day.


Personally, I’m a little torn as what this means I’m supposed to do.

I mean, when someone says they’re ‘working like a dog’, what they really mean is that they’re working their butt off.  But as someone who has had several dogs over the decades, I can assure you, that work ethic left something to be desired.  If I worked like my dog today, there’s zero chance I’d still have a job tomorrow.

Then again, my dog gets to live in a nice big house, rent free. She also gets to spend her mornings laying out in the sun, eating food that somebody else paid for, and being told how adorable she is. I, on the other hand, am quite busy paying for that house she lives in and the Kibbles and Bits she takes for granted.

So…now that I think about it, maybe we should all take some lessons from our dogs.  Just don’t let the bosses catch on.

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