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Every day, I sit back in my office, going over contracts and sending about five zillion emails, most of which cover such hard hitting requests as “Hey, Mr. Johnson, when you get a spare moment, could you please send over a copy of your most recent pay app” or, better yet, intra-office emails with headers such as “HAS ANYONE SEEN THE STAPLER? WHY DON’T WE HAVE A STAPLER?!?!”.

It’s…about as exciting as it sounds.

Periodically, though, it dawns on me that I really should be sharing more about this stuff…after all, we have some pretty cool people in our office*, and it’s a bummer that most of you reading this know nothing about the folks working behind the scenes to keep the money flowing on commercial construction projects.  And so, without further ado, I’d like to welcome you all to Part I of our latest blog series:  Meet the Dream Team.

This is John. (Or at least, one of these people is John.  I’ll give you a guess at to which.)

John is awesome.  I’d think John was awesome even if he wasn’t the one writing my paychecks.

In all seriousness, John is the one who started this business.  As a construction guy himself, he realized the hard way that knowing how to install baseboards and make built-ins look good is only half the battle.  And so, rather than spend another 20 years making McMansions look better, he decided to use his hard-fought lessons to help other construction guys run their businesses, so that they could focus on making cool things, and we could focus on making that profitable for them.

Of course, just running a business and keeping an eye on the cash flow and risk management of other people’s businesses would be too simple, so in his free time, John gets to be a father to eight kids.

Yeah. You read that correctly.

As those of you who paid even a little bit of attention in high school science class can see, not all of these are his (despite the strong family resemblance).

That’s right–simply having four kids of their own would way too easy and stress free, so he and his lovely wife decided to adopt four children over the years, as well. This makes them…definitely the most diverse family on their block. And the busiest.

In other words, they’re pretty much saints.  Or insane.  Probably some of both.

Also, he skateboards. And does musicals. And volunteers constantly at church.  And he’s the past Habitat for Humanity president.

He probably also saves baby seals or something, but he just hasn’t had time to mention it to me, you know, with the whole running a company/being a father to eight/helping me find the stapler thing. Any day now, though, I’ll learn something else.

And I’ll share it with y’all. Because really, he’s kind of too awesome for everyone to not know about.

*Except for when someone decides to run off with a stapler.**

**Usually that someone is actually me, and I just forgot to check my own desk before bothering everybody else. I am the weak link in this dream team. We all know it. We all accept it. I am the Rodman to our ’96  Bulls, but without the talent.

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