Happy International Women’s Day

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Well Happy International Women’s Day, y’all!


Look, the reality is, women don’t get much love in construction.  At least…not usually in the forms we want (I’m looking at you, Bob who decided that I look hot in khakis).

We also, for the most part, aren’t the ones people associate with construction–after all, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve dawned a hardhat.

But, I’ve spent long enough in this field to realize that women make up the backbone of many companies.

Some of us wear hardhats and swing hammers.  Some of us manage the Excel sheets and ensure the right people get paid.  Some of us manage the guys out there swinging hammers, either directly or by determining the logistics of who needs to be where doing what when.  We are the secretaries, project managers, and CFOs.  Increasingly, we are the ones out there swinging hammers and finishing drywall and climbing on things that scare me.

And we are awesome.

So to all of my ladies in construction, Happy International Women’s Day!

To all of my ladies not in construction, Happy International Women’s Day to you, too!   This is our day, so let us wear our khakis or hardhats or miniskirts with pride.

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