Competing for Commercial Construction Contracts

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Payroll Funding

Commercial contracts up for bid are plentiful after you have waded through mounds of red tape.  Bidding on contracts is exciting to say the least and only topped by the heart racing experience of being awarded a contract.  The hard part is figuring out how in the world you are going to have enough capital to buy materials and pay subcontractors.  And all before ever getting paid for the first invoice you submit.

That’s where Construction Finance can help.  We buy (or factor) the invoices you submit to the general contractor.  We pay YOU for that invoice IMMEDIATELY and we wait to be paid by the general contractor.  Thus giving you the cash you need to pay for materials and pay subcontractors.  This not only keeps your supplier happy but keeps your subcontractors on the job!

Take a look at or print our APPLICATION here.

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Watch a quick VIDEO explanation of how construction factoring works here.


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