Are You Trying to ‘Brand’ Your Business?

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Branding Your Business Construction Factor

If you are getting your new business off the ground or simply trying to relaunch an established company, branding may be exactly where you need to focus your efforts.  Branding is simplifying all the various aspects of your business.  Put simply, what ‘need’ does your business fulfill?  Who’s ‘need’ does your business cater?  Create a quick 30 second ‘elevator speech’ that explains precisely what your business does.  Create an appealing yet simple logo.  Research what social media platforms your prospective clients are actively present.

Construction Finance buys commercial construction invoices from contractors and subcontractors.  We pay you for the invoice and wait to be paid by the account debtor.  That is our ‘elevator speech’.

Short and Simple

We are active across many social media platforms.  Our ideal clients are contractors and subcontractors of all trades.  Some work for the government, some work for large general contractors and some do a little of all.  We also accept client referrals from factor brokers.  We often receive calls from freight factors when they are contacted about factoring a construction invoice.

Construction factoring is a little more tedious and involved than other types of factoring and we are honored to go the extra mile for your client referrals.

Contact us if we can help with your construction factoring needs in any way, contact John Sawyer today!  870-277-4171 or

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