Top 4 Reasons to Factor Your Construction Invoices

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Top Reasons to Factor Accounts Receivable

 Construction Finance is Your Perfect Partner
* Competitive rates.
* Fast and flexible solutions.
*All-inclusive Fee (NO hidden charges).
*We are the funding source.
*No outside investors.
*Decisions made quickly.

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Construction Finance is Your Factoring Partner

Is Paperwork Not Your ‘Cup of Tea’?
*We specialize in providing you the security you need to get paid.
*We have extensive construction and factoring experience.
*We can provide factoring services to general contractors and subcontractors across various trades such as:

Interior Finishing
Directional Drilling

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Construction Factoring Paperwork

Construction Finance Customer Service Will Blow You Away
*Your phone call, email, inquiries and contact with us will never ever be ignored.
*At Construction Finance we see clients as relationships, NOT leads.

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Construction Finance Customer Service

We Are Construction Finance

 We allow Contractors and Subcontractors, “YES” to new project opportunities!
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How it Works at Construction Finance

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