The ASA Luncheon and Our Newfound Fame

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We, at Construction Finance, are now officially famous!

Well, John is.  The rest of us are still just toiling away in obscurity.

But yes, y’all, yesterday John made the brave journey into Little Rock to serve as the keynote speaker for the American Subcontractors Association of Central Arkansas luncheon!  That is…easily the closest thing to fame any of us have achieved this month. (The second runner up being the picture of my dinner that I posted to Instagram last week.  It got seven whole likes, and six of them weren’t from my mom).

In all seriousness, it was a real honor.  The American Subcontractors Association is a great organization that does a lot to benefit the construction industry, and we’re always thrilled to work with them in any way that we can.  Every month, the Central Arkansas chapter holds a meeting in Little Rock to try to educate the area’s subcontractors about industry trends, and it always provides a great opportunity for everybody to mingle…plus, this is Little Rock we’re talking about.  The food is guaranteed good.

Though I was not there to personally vouch for either the food or John’s oratory skills, it sounds as though it was a wonderful time!  Hopefully, the hard working men and women of central Arkansas left knowing a little more about the financial side of commercial contracting.  And, barring that, hopefully John came away a couple of pounds fatter–after all, it’s not easy for me always having to be the token junk food fiend in this office!



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