Talk Derby To Me

May 3, 2019 Uncategorized 1 Comment

As we’ve established before, I have a bit of a weakness for themed outfits.

I can’t help it.

My mom was an elementary school teacher.  I was in a sorority*.  I went to Ole Miss.  Forcing people to dress up in coordinating outfits for no good reason is basically my one true calling in life.

As such, when I looked on the calendar and realized that the Kentucky Derby was coming up, I just knew what I had to do…I mean, there’s nothing in the world better than seersucker, Lilly Pulitzer dresses, and giant hats! What could be more magical than making a bunch of accountants and analysts dress up for such a momentous holiday?


In the words of my victims, ‘literally anything’.

But you know what?  Deep down, I know they enjoyed it.



*We’re going to plead the fifth on how long my sorority career lasted.  Let’s just say that new member handbook was awfully long, and studying wasn’t really my thing.

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