Snow Day

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As those of you who paid attention in geography may have already noticed, some places are known for snow:  Michigan.  Wisconsin.  Minnesota.  The North Pole.

Other places…aren’t.

Arkansas would be one of those places that isn’t.

Well yesterday, it snowed.

construction factoring

Roughly three snowflakes in, we were done working.  Or at least I was.  After all, IT WAS SNOWING!!!!

Better yet, it just kept snowing!

construction factoring

We got to live in our very own snow globe…albeit probably one from the clearance section, since ‘office building snow globes’ haven’t really become a The Must-Have Thing yet.

Still, it was pretty much amazing.


Of course, now the snow is already melting, and we’re back to being productive people, but for one lovely day, we had snow.  And our mittened fingers are crossed for more.


*Obligatory sidenote:  Yes, we do have more than two people in our office.  Oddly enough, though, some people would rather sit at their desks and do their jobs than pose for pictures.  I…don’t what’s wrong with them, really. But it’s okay, because their productivity gives me more time to buy snowflake sweaters and try to catch snowflakes with my tongue!

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