Should Have Been a Plumber

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Actual photo of my desk. Conspicuously absent: Jet skis.

A few months ago, I’d written a blog post about the staffing challenges that have come about as a result of the current economic boom.  In it, I’d mentioned that, for better or worse, construction is a world unto itself. What Does Increased Economic Growth Mean for Construction Profits?


Whoo boy, was that ever an understatement…


In retrospect, I uh, may have been a little confident in my assessment that hiring and recruiting would go unchanged.  While Construction is DEFINITELY different than trying to hire a bunch of CPAs or compliance officers, it seems that the challenges of finding a quality plumber have led some companies to get creative.  Reallllllly creative.


WSJ-Perks for Plumbers Include Hawaiian Vacations, Craft Beer, and Lots of Zen


According to the WSJ, plumbing contractors have now taken to installing craft beer lounges in their offices, offering sweet sign-on bonuses, and taking their employees on mid-day jet ski excursions.


Yup.  You read that one right.


Now, as somebody who is currently sitting in a normal office, drinking a cup of re-heated Folgers as I stare at a spreadsheet, I have reached only one conclusion from this article:  I should have been a plumber.


I mean, jet skis are awesome. Way more awesome than re-heated coffee (a low bar if ever there was one).


So, to those of you out there who aren’t reading this, because you’re too busy relaxing at the lake and spending your bonuses, congratulations!  To those of you having to pay someone to go to the lake, my regards. And to the rest of us?  Meh, pictures of boats and beaches are almost the same thing, right?  Right?

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