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I’m going to be honest:  Some days, I’m not really sure what to blog about.

I mean, I’m a lawyer by trade.  Figuring out how to create a blog about construction that people actually want to read…well, that’s a bit outside my area of expertise.

There is one thing I know, though, and that’s that I care.

I care about everybody having the money they need to support their families.  I care about making sure people know about lien rights, and what contract clauses to watch out for.  I care about making sure job sites are safe. I care about owners and comptrollers being aware of their financing options.  I care about doing all I can to encourage good practices, both in life and in business.

And, in that spirit, I like to share anything I can that seems like it could be helpful, even if it does fall a bit outside of my usual purview.

It’s Not Time You Need To Manage, It’s Your Energy

This article is courtesy of Jobsite, and while a few parts may be unrealistic, it’s well worth the read.

The part about ‘Harnessing Meaning and Purpose’?

Meh, good advice, but not 100% applicable to all of us. (Personally, I would have loved to have been an engineer.  That 23 on the math section of the ACT told me it might be wise to consider other avenues. Being a supermodel also sounded pretty great. That idea…was even less realistic.)

On the other hand, eating right and getting enough sleep?  That’s a good one to put in place.  Focusing on one task at a time? Also a very sensible goal.

The truth is, there are some things we can’t control.  Often, the hours of the working day are dictated by people far higher up the chain than we are.  The nature of our jobs? That tends to be a balancing act between personal desires and the hard realities of life.  Even on the ones where the ball is theoretically in our court, sometimes things happen (I’m looking at you, random mosquito that kept me up half the night, even though this is obviously the wrong season for mosquitos.)

However, other things are well within our domain.  So please, eat a salad.  Get some rest.  Think about how the tasks of the day be can scheduled so as to maximize productivity.  Try to forget about that fight with your spouse last Friday. All of those things are killing your energy, and making life even more exhausting than it needs to be.


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