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As a slight dork who really enjoys finding things in life to celebrate, I’ve been known to browse a few of those websites listing all of the weird semi-official holidays out there (i.e. National Flamingo Day, National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day, National Talk Like a Pirate Day, etc.). For the really good ones, I’ll even drag all of my friends, family members, etc. into the dorkiness, because come on, why not sneak in as much fun as possible?

Well, today I stumbled upon what may be my favorite Made Up Holiday yet: National Make Your Own Holiday-Day!

That’s right: No longer am I limited to the weird things some marketing department at the local elephant emporium made up with to sell more elephants. Today, I can make up any. holiday. I. want. #ballerstatus

So far this morning, I’ve tried out a few just to see what sticks.

National Sleep Until Noon Day died before it could even begin, thanks to my alarm clock and everybody’s illogical insistence that we can’t close the office for random holidays I’ve made up. National Buy Tipper A New Porsche Day has been a real flop. I made the proposal to like, ten people, and so far, zero takers. National Drink Champagne At My Desk Day got me a meeting with HR. National Wear Pearls With Patagonia Day seemed like low-hanging fruit, but it was pointed out that I do that every day, so it’s not exactly a holiday…

Now, two hours into the day, I’m starting to give up on this whole thing. However, if anybody else has any suggestions, feel free to chime in! If nothing else, I’m declaring today National Make Up Your Own Holiday Any Darn Time That You Want-Day, which means that if we don’t think of anything good until next week, we can just celebrate then.


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