Lean on Me or Lien on Me….

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“LIEN on Me”.  
*Our apologies for the play on words of the famous Bill Wither’s Classic*
You remember the lyrics,
You just call on me brother, when you need a hand 
We all need somebody to LEAN on 
I just might have a problem that you’ll understand 
We all need somebody to LEAN on …
Lean on Me or Lien on Me

As a growing subcontractor, you often need someone to Lean On as your business continues to grow.  Construction Finance is here for you to Lean On.  

But, Sometimes, when projects don’t pay as outlined by your contract, you need a bit more. 
You may need someone to “LIEN ON”.  
We love to measure success by helping companies with their cash flow challenges, thereby allowing them to take on bigger projects.
Watching our clients Grow as they LEAN on us for financial support is a truly awesome feeling.
However, one of our proudest moments last month involved the other L word,  LIEN not LEAN.
 Our client began to panic near the end of a commercial project. Payments from her contractor to her seemed to  dwindle.   We assured her that she could LEAN on us.
At NO additional cost to our client Construction Finance had already issued necessary Preliminary Notices along with other documents to the General Contractors and Project owners to ensure that our client’s payment rights were protected.
Our client initially LEANED on Construction Finance for working capital.  But, she was so thankful that part of our services are to protect her LIEN rights throughout commercial projects.
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