Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2020 Uncategorized 1 Comment

The official day of love is here!

Now, I’ll admit, the cynical part of me has always considered this a bit of a manufactured holiday, designed to sell chocolates and greeting cards. And, there’s probably some truth to that.  Goodness knows that there aren’t too many other occasions that lead a person to buy wilted $5 roses at the gas station…

But, it’s also a day to celebrate love.

Today, take the time to tell your significant other that you appreciate them.

Perhaps more importantly, take a moment to let all of the people in your life know that they matter.

After all, life this time of year can feel a bit dreary.  With the excitement of Christmas long-gone, the days still short, and summer far off in the horizon, the world needs all of the cheer it can get.

So, manufactured holiday or not, pick up those grocery store flowers.  Bring some donuts into the office.  Let the people who help your life run smoothly know that you recognize their efforts. And yeah, indulge in those heart-shaped chocolates!  Goodness knows you’ve earned it.


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