Find Your Joy: Quit Living in Fear of Life

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find your joy

So as those of you who spend much time reading this blog have probably picked up on, I’m pretty risk averse.

We’ve posted story after story after story warning you of the many ways that life can go wrong.

I mean, I’m a contract lawyer.  That’s kind of what I do.

However, as I was thinking about things, I realized that by only focusing on the things that can go wrong, I’m doing everybody a disservice.

Life is for living.

It’s for taking risks, and following your passions, and buying the things that are poor investments but that will bring you joy. It’s for taking that vacation, and drinking the soda that has too many calories, and asking for what you need, even if everybody ignores you.


Unfortunately, I don’t really have any empirical data for this post.  It’s expanse goes a bit beyond the purviews of Jobsite, or The Wall Street Journal, or any of my nice books on construction law.  I don’t know that any Harvard researchers have confirmed the benefits of eating a third taco.  It also goes against literally everything that I lecture my longsuffering family about, and there’s a 99.99% chance that this very post will be used against me the next time that I try to talk to my husband about the importance of maintaining a $3 a day food budget.

However, one thing that I always endeavor to do with this blog is to provide those of you reading with every tool to make your life and business and successful as possible.  And in doing so, it dawned on me that I was doing a disservice by always providing tidy, predictable advice.

Life, after all, is not always tidy and predictable (no matter how much I may wish it would be).


Personally, I am a box checker.

I do drive a Volvo and weigh myself every day and track my spending down to the cent.  I always arrive to work early, and I never leave until every item has been marked off my to-do list, and I don’t really take very many vacations or spend much time with my family.  But those…probably aren’t good habits to emulate.

And so, my latest non-‘Key to a Better Year’ is to go do the things that will make you a happier person.

After all, summer has sprung, and the lake is calling your name!

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