Facebook Marketing Do’s & Don’ts

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Construction Finance Factoring Facebook Rules

Social Media Marketing is an absolute must in today’s advertising.  Being active on ALL social media channels isn’t necessary but having a presence on all of them is important.  Concentrate on staying active on social media channels where your potential clients are present.  And remember, above all else, keep your posts relevant and authentic.  DON’T BE SPAMMY.  Post content that helps your potential client solve a problem.  Be sure that each of your posts your gives your prospect value of some sort.  The above facebook do’s and don’ts are a great starting point!  Check out some of our other blog posts here:  Three Simple Steps to Factor Your Commercial Invoices or Free Billing Advice for Women or Minority Owned Businesses

For more information on how factoring works or if it’s a good fit for your company, contact John Sawyer today. or 870-277-4171

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