Easy Button and IFA Miami Conference 2018

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First of all, I would like to give a big thanks to the  IFA and all of those that made the 2018 Miami conference such a huge success! 

It’s okay to admit that many of us went to Miami to learn the secret recipe of factoring.
Personally, I don’t think I was asking too much.  I just wanted to leave with that Easy Button that would fix the two persistent items in my construction based factoring company:
1.  How to get good customers without spending money
2.  How to rest assured that all of my account debtors will pay
There was one hotel guest that must have possessed this Easy Button. Clue: he has teeth coated in diamonds.
Of course, I am talking about Lil’ Wayne, the star of the Friday night concert in the LIV nightclub of the Fountainbleau.
After googling Lil’ Wayne’s net worth of approximately $150 mil, I asked myself, “How can this guy make so much dough with a vocabulary full of 4-Letter Words?”.
Clearly, this guy has a way bigger Easy Button than mine.
As it turns out, I, unfortunately, do not have an Easy Button.  I do, however, have one four letter word that fixes almost everything:  WORK.
After visiting with several factors, bankers, and various other experts in the field, my suspicions were confirmed.  It turns out that the secret to successful construction factoring is that four letter word that makes everybody cringe.
Items such as UCC filings, Notice of Assignment, verifications, and estoppels are great.  But when it comes to purchasing a construction receivable, these items mean that the work has only just begun.
Are all suppliers and crews paid?  Are lien waivers collected?  Are the client’s lien rights preserved? etc, etc, etc.
There may not be an Easy Button for the Construction Factoring industry.  But, here at Construction Finance, we are ready to do all of the heavy lifting for your referrals.
We look forward to doing the WORK of funding your construction leads!
Call or email anytime to learn if our program fits your prospect’s needs.

Are you tired of turning down construction clients because they tend to be too complicated or messy? We have over 20 years experience in the construction business coupled with over 30 years in invoice finance. We personally fund 100% of our clients and are committed to providing your referrad prospects with quick responses.

Check out our broker referral agreement and our client application. You can learn more about us at our website or contact us today.


P.S. We also have great introductory videos for you to share with your prospects about how construction factoring works.  See them all here.

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